Buy A Brick Campaign

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For the last two years the club has been busily raising funds to qualify for a major grant to update the clubrooms, dressing rooms and canteen.

One of the biggest initiatives that the club has put in place is the Buy A Brick campaign.

This campaign is a major drive for funds and we are trying to sell 170 bricks @ $300 each to raise the necessary $50,000 needed to allow us to apply for the grant

So what it is in it for you?

Well obviously apart from doing a great service to your club and your community, you will receive?

  • Life time membership (not Life Membership sorry.. that has to be earned)
  • Your name on the Foundation Member Board that will be displayed outside on the new building.

How are we getting the funds and what will we do with them?

We need to raise $50,000 to be elligible for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Queensland Government Major Sporting grants.

If we raise $50,000 then the Sunshine Coast Council will tip in $50,000 and the State Government will tip in another $200,000

All of this means that we can rip down the existing Change rooms, Referees Room and Canteen and start again, giving us facilities that will be second to none on the Sunshine Coast.

Note also that the Nambour Crushers take this campaign very seriously. Every cent donated towards the Buy A Brick Campaign will go into a separate bank account and will not be used for everyday running of the club.

If you are interested, please contact one of the following people.

Ray Marsden – Seniors President – 0419 997 206

Amy-Lee Horbsburgh – Seniors Secratary – 0433 744 783

Christine Oakes – Seniors Secratary – 0408 007 613

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